Calipers Master v2

The main purpose of this plugin is to boost Zbrush artists productivity when designing any kind of project for 3D printing or prototyping. 

With this version of Calipers Master you can:
  • Set any size and unit while working on zbrush friendly sizes (e.g. Unify or imported meshes).
  • Set Caliper with two clicks (Set start point, set end point) to increase your precision when measuring wall thickness etc..
  • Bounding Box Utilities
    • Bounding Calipers. Easily depict the bounding box size on any axis. (Visible or All options available)
    • Calibrated XYZ Size. Update and Resize your subtools with real size measurements and units
  • Constrained Modes
    • X Y Z constrained modes will force your calipers to follow the X, Y or Z axis
    • Distance Mode. Next Calipers will start from the last ending point. Ideal to measure curved surfaces
    • Bone Caliper. Set a caliper using the last two calipers center points. Ideal to find pivot centers for non symetrical objects
  • Real Size Brush. Set your brush size based on real units. ideal for IMM brushes
  • Calibrated Extraction / Create Shell. Extract and Shell objects in real size thickness measurements
  • Duplicate and Resize. Easily create iterations on different sizes. Also special Copy and Paste functions to bring objects to your scene from other available tools in the right size.
  • Caliper to Mesh function to replace a Caliper for a QMesh or IMM object right in size and place.
  • Subtool Repositioning to easily repose any subtool with Initial and Final Calipers. Object will "follow" the Calipers.
  • Display Measurements. New display that also converts your measurements into other units
  • Export with shrinkage factor. No more surprises after mould casting sizes!
  • Calibrated DynaMesh. Depict with a caliper the polygon size you want the DynaMesh to have insted of trial with the resolution slider



"Fran has created a professional level asset in Calipers Master. It answers many issues when trying to design and prepare zbrush models for production. From calabrated extractions and shelling, calibrated dynameshes and real size brushes.  Caliper master is an invaluable tool for creating jewelry or any object intended for printing or any other modern production workflow."  Tomas Wittlesbach

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4 comentarios:

  1. Hi I just bought calipers master 2. Nice work!
    One there away to move the measurement display from the center top of the screen? One suggestion to your intro...tell naive newbies, like me they have to be in transpose mode to set the points...

    1. Hi Mitchell,
      It´s not possible to move the measuring screen at the moment. But I´m considering adding new sliders to display measurements. This way you could customize your Zbrush UI to have it where ever you wish.
      Sorry for missing the transpose brush explanation in this version! I´m planning to create a better tutorial from scratch explaining all features with a project example on next update.

      Thanks for your support

  2. Hi Fran,
    Does Calipers Master v.2 work with the new ZBrush 2018? I won't upgrade my ZB license unless it's compatible. Your plugin is THAT IMPORTANT to my work. Thanks for a great tool.

    1. Hi Unknown :)

      Yes it works as usual. But please if you find any bug just let me know.