lunes, 24 de agosto de 2015

Calipers Master v.1.2

Hi everyone,

Finally Calipers master v1.2 is here!

This version includes major updates and new features:

-Creation of Custom scales: Now you can create Custom MM, CM or Inches scales using an initial distance value and a percentage of shrinkage. The resulting Caliper units will match the 3D Print Exporter ratios.

-Now all distance messages will display Metric and Imperial Units conversions

-View in Real Size: Now works with custom scales as well as premade cales

-Restore Calipers Master: Recovers all Calipers Master functionalities after using any other Zplugin

-Height Mode: This mode allows to constrain Calipers to the selected axis. Helpfull for Heights and thickness

-Save and Load Units: Now you can save and load your custom scales along with your stored calipers on your hard drive and retrieve them later

-Now when a Caliper is generated the preview of the model is stored too.

Get it Here!

jueves, 6 de agosto de 2015

Calipers Master v.1.1. Free Updates

Calipers Master v1.1 new features:
  • Display objects in real size on screen
  • Work in Centimeters to increase performance
  • Create Scale now matches 3Dprint Exporter Units

Soon on Gumroad

Hope you enjoy it!