sábado, 20 de junio de 2015

Xplode2Bake Zplugin Coming soon

Hi there,

I´m happy to announce the new video for the Xplode2Bake.v1 ZPlugin.
Thanks to Igancio Cabrera Peña for his invaluable help on coding

It´s Main purpose is for setting up a scene to export for baking in packages such as xNormal or Substance.

 Feature list:
-Xplode All: Set all subtools in a baking scene. Explode all meshes in Y axis
-Xplode One: Add new meshes matching the baking scene objects.
-Move Up and Down: Move subtools in the baking scenes. Usefull for grouping High detail meshes and for matching cages in the low poly subtools after exploded
-Save and Load Project: Store the baking scene as ZPR with all variables for next session.
-Restore All and Restore One: Restore Xploded scene back to origin. (Not working in all cases. See the video for more details)
-Advanced Options: Sliders to set up de scale of the scene and clearance between objects

Hopefully you will find more usefull purposes too :)

More videos for Xplode2Bake plugin soon!

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