lunes, 29 de junio de 2015

CalipersMaster_v1 First Release

CalipersMaster_v1 ZPlugin Release 1 !

Hi there!

Very happy to announce the first release for the Calipers Master plugin for Zbrush 4R7 available!

Features Included:
-MM Scale: Set Scene to work in real world Millimeters
-Create Scale: Create a custom Scale such as Heads
-Restore Scale: Always can restore back to original modelling scale
-Set Start: Set starting point for the Caliper
-Set End: Set Ending point for the Caliper
-Calipers Master: One single hotkey to control Set Start and End
-Run In Distance Mode: Create Calipers sequentially from last ending Caliper and stores the accumulated distance
-Get Dist: To Display current Caliper measurement in scale Units
-Total Dist: Display the accumulated distance while Run In distance mode
-Store: Able to Store any hand drawn transpose Line
-Stored Calipers Slider: Store up to 32 Calipers
-Back and Forward buttons: To navigate the Stored Calipers Slider
-More features to come!

Get it Here!

Thank you all for your support!

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